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As a blogger – you have tax obligations – unfortunately 🙁   If you consider your blog a business and file on your taxes on a Schedule C here are 3 great tax tips: 

Know what is deductible 

Knowledge is power tax savings.  You can offset your expenses against your income. First what is income?  Income can be from ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored post and some free gifts.  

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You can deduct expenses related to this income- LLC registration, your web host, email subscriber program, website theme, tailwind, graphic design support, photography, stock photos, e-courses, advertisement, computer expenses, office supplies and much more.  

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Save your receipts

Know that you know what is deductible – now it is time to get (& stay!) organized.  Save your receipts related to your blog. Luckily most blog related receipts are digital and emailed to you. You can easy create a folder on your desktop and save all of your digital receipts there.  There is also software & several apps  to help you keep track of receipts if you have several paper receipts. If you are just getting started on your blogging journey, you can easily keep track of income and expenses on a simple excel worksheet. 

Once you have substantial income and expenses, consider a simple cloud based accounting software, like FreshBooks.  An accounting software will help you keep better track of your activity and make filing your taxes so soooo much easier.

They also have convenient invoice software that is included if you sale products or courses.  Take a look ->  FreshBook Billing & Invoicing

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Web Hosting

Save 30% for taxes 

The rule of thumb for any self-employed taxpayer is to save 30% for taxes. It’s a great rule to follow. Since you are self-employed you have to pay self-employment tax plus income tax on your 1040.  Self-employment tax is your FICA taxes -> social security + medicare taxes. These taxes are typically handled by your employer if you receive a W-2

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I’d love to hear your thoughts. What types of questions do you have about filing your taxes as a blogger?

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