I’m Paige and the creator of the Fairy Tax Mother blog – a playful blend of tax + accounting + mom life.

I am a CPA with a Master of Taxation degree. I have spent the last 9 years in public accounting, working in tax, doing my thing. Every time people ask me what I do for a living – they are so baffled – why would anyone want to do that? It gets old, right. Then it never fails – the questions start coming. Tax is an ever changing + confusing subject. So I created this blog to help you! So whether you need help with your side hustle or your W-2, I want to guide you in the right direction as your Fairy Tax Mother… my goal is to keep it simple, fun and inspiring.

I am a late 20 something year old living in suburbs of Atlanta. Married for 4 years to my college sweetheart – Jacob. We have a one-year-old son who is full of life and love.  He is currently obsessed with golf, deer and mud- a true boys boy. We are a work in progress- trying to bring glory to His name- even in our mundane days. Our family is so blessed and we are striving to soak up this season of life everyday.



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